Your Pet, How to Deal With Their Last Stage of Life

Celebrate with heightened joy and pleasure with all that you and your animal have shared in this life. It far outweighs this ending stage when they need you the most. It’s just another part of the prized relationship you have had over the years spent together. Be with them as much as you can just like you would any family member when they are sick or dying. Gently touch and pet them. Talk with them daily about your life shared. Your pet will be comforted by your voice and your presence.

You may need to treat them like a King or Queen. That is perfectly okay to do this for them. Feed them what they like and do it with a smile on your face. It is a positive way to help them be comfortable. Comfort your pet the best you can and make him/her as comfortable as possible with blankets and pillows, being gentle and mindful.

Some of the signs:

They may sleep more than normal, stop eating, can’t get up to go relieve themselves, stop drinking, pant more often, get very quiet and still, or howl/moan. Senior animals can develop dementia. Have they started to suffer? Is their quality of life tip the scales? Often animals are quiet when they are in pain.

It may be time for you to make a decision. Talk with your veterinarian; it may be “time” if your beloved pet is ready to transition. If your regular vet is not open, find a 24-hr veterinary hospital. Do your homework in advance; don’t wait for the crisis, often we don’t think correctly in the panicky moments. Your pet may be afraid or get anxious going to the vet, you know best. This may not be the best thing to impose on them if they are already uncomfortable. Many vets will have the names of other veterinarians that will make a home visit to euthanize so that your pet will have the best transition possible. This can often be a gentler experience for you, your pet and your family.

This is a difficult place to be in and one of the hardest phases of owning an animal…make the right decision for your pet. Do not hang on because you are having a hard time, feel the balance and ask you pet, “Do you need best cbda for dogs me to assist you today?” They will let you know; please have the courage to take action if your pet answers “yes”. You will know. Look into your animal’s eyes and talk to their soul and listen with your heart. Be still in the quietness, you will hear the answer with every cell of your being. Trust that non-verbal communication.

One of my cats was failing at the age of 17. I told him, “I will not keep you longer than you want, just give me a clear sign and I will respect your wishes”. After 2 months of watching him closely, he gave me a clear sign. It’s hardly ever is a black and white answer or decision, this is where your brave heart comes to serve. Tell yourself you are doing what is right and courageous.

Many times pet owners will keep their first pet longer than it is best for the animal, especially if is their first. In other words, pet owners, think they are being heroic if they help or hospice a pet to the last dying moment. There are different beliefs in “how long” to keep a pet alive. Most humane vets will ask you, “What is their quality of life? Let them die with dignity and not wait until they are excruciating pain”. Some Veterinarians will jump to that decision as they have become insensitive by seeing so many pets’ in their dying stages. You know your vet and whether to trust them with their advice.

The last step:

Being with your pet and holding them when they leave this life. This can be one of the most trying times as a human being’s duties here on earth, being with a loved one as they pass and leave their body. It is full of emotion and that is normal and natural and part of what being a live is on this planet. Do you best to leave your tension and anxiety and be an open relaxed vessel for your pet to pass. Hold them when the vet compassionately helps them with the injection. Breathe and offer your heart, after all, every single one of us want to be nurtured and helped through the final door.

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