Most Common Bets and Games to Avoid at Online and Land-Based Casinos

Casinos provide players with an abundance of betting options and games that promise excitement and the chance for potential winnings, but not all bets and games are created equal; certain bets tend to favor players more while others could quickly drain your bankroll. Here we explore some of the more frequently avoided bets at both online and land-based casinos so that you make better-informed gambling decisions.

Casino Games to Entertain You Casinos entertain and the thrill of gambling for everyone who visits. From classic table games like blackjack and roulette to flashy slot machines and high-stakes poker rooms, there’s something available for every type of gambler at a casino. However, it’s essential to remember that odds always favor the house; though players might score big wins occasionally, most will end up losing over time.

Avoid Betting and Playing Common Bets and Games

1. Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the main draws at both online and land-based casinos alike, drawing players in with flashing lights, captivating sound effects and potentially lucrative jackpots. However, slot machines also boast some of the worst odds in any casino — with house edges often between 2- 15%. Furthermore, their rapid play can result in significant losses at lightning speed if playing for extended periods.

2. Keno

Keno, or lottery, can often be found at both online and traditional casino settings, providing players with a lottery-like game with potentially significant pay-outs but minimal odds of success; its house edge can reach as much as 25% making this one of the least favorable games to players mega888.

3. Big Six Wheel

The Big Six Wheel, more commonly referred to as Wheel of Fortune or Money Wheel in casinos worldwide, is another popular casino game where players bet on which segment of the Wheel will land after it has been spun. Though seemingly straightforward, its odds often favor the house; depending on which wheel layout one uses, its house edge could range anywhere between 11%-24% making this option inadvisable for anyone trying to improve their chances of victory.

4. Prop Bets in Craps

Craps offers players many betting options, from simple bets on the outcome of dice rolling to more complex proposition bets that cover specific combinations or outcomes. Basic bets have relatively low house edges while proposition bets like hardway bets may come with 10%+ house edges – an added risk factor when placing bets that involve 2- and 12-way totals like these are placed as proposition bets in Craps.


Casinos provide a vast array of games and betting options, but not all offer equal player odds or house edges. Informed gambling decisions require understanding the odds associated with different bets to make more educated choices when gambling – big jackpots might entice, but choosing games with lower house edges increases your chance of long-term winning. By avoiding common bets mentioned herein in this article you could increase the likelihood of walking away as the winner!

Always gamble responsibly; setting limits for both time and money spent at casinos is key in enjoying gambling without risking too much to your bankroll. With planning, knowledge of odds and appropriate limits in place, gambling can provide enjoyment while protecting the bottom line.

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