Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC 1200 Review

I have purchased many coffee makers in my life, but the Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC 1200 surpasses all others. It is consistent with how it performs and the results are a great cup of coffee. In this review I am going to highlight the features of why so many recommend this coffee maker.

We will start with the actual coffee it produces first. If you search the reviews of the Cuisinart DCC 1200 then you will see that it has gotten so many positive reviews. The reason for this is the real way it makes coffee. First you can actually adjust the serving temperature of the coffee it makes. Setting the temperature of the water allows you to get the most out of your coffee flavor. It also allows you to make adjustments if you add cream or milk to your coffee. Additionally, the filtering system Cuisinart uses has a charcoal water filter. This filter removes all the impurities that come with regular water giving you the best water to brew your coffee with. When you want good coffee you always need to start with a good maker.

The name Cuisinart has been around for a long reusable coffee cup time. Cuisinart is known for their quality products and with the Cuisinart DCC 1200 they have not fallen short. The coffee maker itself has a quality build with a stylish look. The machine is available in brushed stainless complemented with glossy black highlights or a black matte finish. Many people comment on the solid construction of the carafe, which is sturdy and has a good pour rate that doesn’t cause any side drips even when the carafe is full. It also comes with a reusable cone style filter basket for the ground coffee to be placed in.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC 1200 offers you a great front display panel that allows you to control how you want your coffee delivered. Additionally the front panel buttons feel firm when pressed and the on/off toggle is a nice change. It comes with auto shut off and clock, a pause and serve feature, as well as a programmable timer and adjustable serve hot plate.

All in all this Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC 1200 it a solid machine that produces great coffee. Although this machine is a little more expensive than other coffee makers, you at least know when you make the investment you will have a machine for many years and you won’t have to purchase a less expensive coffee maker every year. I have had my Cusinart for over two years and have not been disappointed with the quality or performance of this product.

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